Brass plumbing fittings
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  Brass pipe plumbing fittings




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Brass Plumbing Fittings

Brass Plumbing Fittings Brass Pipe  Fittings Bronze Plumbing Fittings  Brass Plumbing fitting chrome plated Brass plumbing fittings  Manufacturers

Brass plumbing fittings   Brass Plumbing Fittings Brass Pipe  Fittings Bronze Plumbing Fittings  Brass Plumbing fitting Manufacturers     90 Degree street elbow plumbing fittings  Union Brass Plumbing Fittings Brass Pipe  Fittings Bronze Plumbing Fittings  Brass Plumbing fitting Manufacturers


Available a wide range of Brass & bronze plumbing fittings Pipe Fittings Brass Elbows Brass Plugs Brass bushes Brass Bushings Water tank fittings Brass compression tees elbows  hose pipe and tube fittings. We offer Brass hose barbs hose nipples, hose tails, fire hose couplings, accessories for flexible hoses , lugged Brass nuts, Brass tees, elbows, plugs, reducers, bushes, Lock nuts, Hex nipples, Long barrel nipples, sockets, unions, etc.

Our products range in brass fittings include hex nipple, reducer, adaptor, extension piece, tank pipe, tank connector, and brass stop plug.
We also manufacture brass fittings, pipe fittings, sanitary fittings and plumbing fittings as per customer's specifications.

A wide range of Brass Bronze Gun Plugs Elbow Crosses tees in different size and shape. Each Brass Bronze Gun Metal Elbow Tee or Cross is checked for casting defect. Also available Brass Bronze gun Metal casting and casting cast part fitting component accessory
Brass central heating plumbing  and radiator accessories and fittings  including brass fitting reducing bushes plugs sockets hose tails nipples air vents central heating radiator bleed keys clock type and normal Rad key available. Also Brass end caps thread adaptors connectors  Brass water heater accessories components for heaters boilers bushes plugs connectors adaptors sockets end caps and threaded Brass fittings and Parts  are our speciality Hexagon Nipples threaded bathroom sanitary and Pipe fittings
Brass Plumbing Fittings central heating plumbing and radiator accessory and fitting including brass fitting reducing bush plug socket hose tails nipple air vent central heating radiator bleed key clock type and normal Red key available. Also Brass end cap thread adaptors connector Hexagon Nipple threaded bathroom sanitary and Pipe fitting Brass water heater accessory component for heaters boiler bushes plug connector adaptor socket end cap and threaded Brass fitting and Part are our specialty
Chrome plated C.P.Pipe Plumbing fittings
Brass Plumbing Fittings Chrome plated Brass Plumbing Fittings Brass C.P. Brass Sanitary CP Nickel plated plumbing and bathroom Fitting .We offer Brass barrel Nipple, extension pieces extensions 3 piece connector square Brass plugs socket Polished Brass nipples socket reducer tee compression fitting hex plug hexagon bush Hex Brass German nut water mixer Brass nipples part
Brass Plumbing Fittings We are largest Indian manufacturer supplier exporter and producer of these Brass plumbing pipe sanitary bathroom fittings nipple and accessories . (from Jamnagar INDIA) We offer Brass moulding - Molding nuts inserts in NPT BSPT for UPVC drainage and sewerage fittings as well.
Brass Plumbing Fittings THREAD: 1/8" , 1/4" , 3/8" , 1/2" , 3/4" 1" 11/4" 11/2" 2" 21/2 " 3" 4" BSP Parallel BSPT UNC NPT male female and left hand thread 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 18mm 22mm 28mm Brass pipe fittings plumbing fittings

Brass to BS 2874 / 2872 BS 2874 - CZ 121 Pb3 CZ 122 UNS C36000 CDA 360 DZR Brass BS 2874 - CZ 131 CW 614N EN 12164 BS 2874 - CZ 114 BS 2874 - CZ 115