DIN 960 - Hex Cap Screws, Metric Fine Thread - Part Thread Specifications

DIN 960 Specifications

*All measurements in millimeters (mm)*

d1sekb= to 125b= to 150b= to 200
M8 x 11314.385.32228 
M10 x 11718.96.42632 
M10 x 1.251718.96.42632 
M12 x 1.251921.17.53036 
M12 x 1.51921.17.53036 
M14 x 1.52224.498.834 40
M16 x 1.52426.751038 44
M18 x 1.52730.1411.542 48
M20 x 1.53033.5312.546 52
M20 x 23033.5312.546 52
M24 x 23639.981554 60

*All information is strictly informative



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