Grade Markings for Metric Fasteners

Markings of Screws

(According to ISO 898 - Part I)

Property Class3.
Marking 1),2)
1)The full-stop in the marking symbol may be omitted.
2)When low carbon martensitic steels are used for property class 10.9 the symbol 10.9 shall be underlined: 10.9


Identification with the manufacturer's mark and the property class is mandatory for hexagon screws 3.6 to 12.9 and socket head cap screws 8.8 to 12.9 with thread diameter d> 5mm, where the shape of the screw always allows it - preferably on the head.
Head Markings for Hex Head Head Marking for Socket Heads
Examples of markings on hexagon screws.Examples of markings on socket head cap screws.

Marking Of Nuts

(According to ISO 898 - Part II)

Property Class0405456891012
Either designation Symbol0405456891012
Code (Clock Symbol) SymbolNut Class 04Nut Class 05Nut Class 4Nut Class 5Nut Class 6Nut Class 8Nut Class 9Nut Class 10Nut Class 12


Identification with the manufacturer's mark and property class is mandatory for hexagon nuts with thread diameter d > 5 mm.  The hexagon nuts must be marked with an indentation on the bearing surface or on the side or by embossing on the chamfer.  embossed markings must not protrude beyond the bearing surface of the nut.

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