Mechanical Properties

<= 16mm> 16mm

Tensile Strength
Rm in MPa (N/mm2)

nominal value30040040050050060080080010001200
Vickers Hardness
HV=F 98N
Brinell Hardness
HB F=30D2
maximum  209  238285319363412
Rockwell Hardness HRminimum HRB526771798289    
minimum HRC      20233138
maximum HRB9595959595     
maximum HRC      30343944
Surface Hardness
HV 0.3
maximum      320 356402454
Yield Stress
Rel in MPa(N/mm2)
nominal value180240320300400480    
0.2% elongation limit
Rp0.2 in Mpa (N/mm2)
nominal value      6406409001080
minimum      6406609401100
Test stress SpSp/ReL or Rp0.20.940.940.910.940.910.910.910.910.880.88
MPA (N/mm2)180225310280380440580600830970
Elongation after fracture
A5 in %
Minimum notch impact energy in Joules    25  30302015
Head Impact Toughness No Fracture
Maximum Height of the Thread Zone Not Decarburized E       1/2H11/2H12/3H13/4H1
Maximum Depth of Decarburization Gmm      .

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